The Bujinkan Kihon Happo

Koshi Kihon Sanpo Waza:

The first three techniques, known as the Koshi Sanpo Waza (3 striking method techniques) are thought to be from the Gyokko ryu and are: ichimonji no kata, jumonji no kata and hicho no kata. These three also happen to be three of the basic kamae (stances) which we use. These kata are basically made up of defensive movements in response to an opponent's attack and then an offensive counter.

1) Ichimonji Kihon No Kata

Attacker (in Doko) punches to head. Defender (in Ichimonji) drops diagonally backwards to the right and performs an upper block to attacking arm. Defender then steps forward and performs a Fudo Ken to head.


2) Jumonji Kihon No Kata

Uke: From Ichimonji no Kamae, right punch to the head
Tori: From Jumonji no Kamae, block the punch, then boshi ken to the armpit or ribs. Shako ken to the face or in front of the face to distract Uke whilst leaping/stepping back with the left foot.
Uke: Left punch to the head.
Tori: Repeat above against the left punch (reverse sides).

3) Hicho Kihon No Kata

Defender stands in Hicho (on one leg). Attacker (in Bobi) punches to the stomach. Defender performs a lower sweeping block, and then kicks to the lower ribs. Defender then drops forward and performs an omote shuto to the neck.


Torite Kihon Go Ho Kata:

The next five techniques are known as the Torite Goho (5 arm attacking methods). As the name for this group of techniques implies, these movements usually attack an opponent's arms and involve taking the attacker to the ground in ways that do not allow him to roll out or land safely. The five techniques are: Omotegyaku dori, Uragyaku dori, Gansekinage (Muso dori), Onikudaki and Musha dori (also called Goja dori). Gansekinage is often replaced with Muso dori as the two techniques are rather similar. All but one of these techniques appear in Gyokko ryu - Onikudaki is probably from Kukishinden ryu.

1) Omote Kote Gyaku Dori

Uke: From Ichimonji no Kamae grab left lapel with the right hand. Optional left punch to the head.
Tori: From Shizen no Kamae cover Uke's hand with your left hand. Put your thumb into the back of their hand. Fall back with your right leg to take Uke's balance. Lower your weight and lift hand off with both of your hands. Step back into Shizen no Kamae with your right foot then step back and turn to the left with your left foot whilst rotating Uke's arm to take down.

2) Ura Gyaku Dori

Uke: From Ichimonji no Kamae grab left lapel with the right hand. Optional left punch to the head.
Tori: From Shizen no Kamae slap Uke's face to distract them with your right hand as you bring it across to cover Uke's hand. Put your thumb into the back of their hand. Pull their hand off to the right as you turn to the right. Keep their elbow straight and their arm parallel to the ground. Use your left hand to apply pressure to Uke's elbow as you take down. Finish as desired.

3) Omote Gyaku Ken Sabaki Kata (tsuki) Or Omote Onikudaki

Attacker grabs defenders lapel with his right hand. Defender covers this hand to prevent the attacker escaping/using it to punch. Defender steps diagonally back to the left taking the attacker off balance the performs an outer wrist lock. Stepping in close the defender then locks the attackers arm and takes him to ground

4) Musha Dori (Gosha Dori)

Uke: Right forearm grab with Tori's left arm. Optional punch to the head.
Tori: Bring your right arm up, over and under Uke's left arm to bend the elbow and apply a lock. Bring Uke close to you. There is a sense of urgency. Keep the right palm facing upwards and place your two palms together (do not lock the fingers). To take down either kick to the back of the leg or step back into a half kneel or hit your right hand up with your left hand (be careful when you do this as it causes extreme pain

5) Ganseki Nage Or Muso Dori -Richard

Uke: Left forearm grab with right hand or right punch.
Tori: Avoid punch and step in sending your left arm behind Uke, clipping them on the back of their head. You should end up very close to Uke and be facing in the same direction. Your left foot should be between Uke's feet but slightly forward and facing in the same direction. Your left shoulder should be under Uke's right armpit and your left hip on Uke's right hip. Rotate your body to the right without moving your legs to throw them across to the right in front of you.